Running multiple concurrent fundraising campaigns each with unique landing pages

“The Singularity team really listens. While I knew what I wanted to accomplish, it was hard for me to articulate my big idea. They asked questions and took notes about my business rules and the user experience I had envisioned. My site exceeds all my expectations.”
Michelle Pius, Habit

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The Company

HABIT is on the leading edge of creating strategic partnerships and a sustainable revenue stream for the non-profit sector.

The Challenge

To run multiple fundraising campaigns concurrently providing an exclusive landing page that clearly is associated with the non-profit without having to build each site from scratch. It is essential to keep each experience unique to the non-profit and ensure that the database of clients and transactions are separated from other non-profits. Each program runs a high volume of transactions during a limited timeframe and the need for all transactional data to be exported into Excel and QuickBooks for immediate fulfillment and reconciliation is essential.

The Solution

Habit utilized the Singularity Commerce Management System (CMS) to provide a single admin portal through which they can easily setup and administer sites, catalogs and orders for simultaneous campaigns. Singularity created a format that ensures each charity’s campaign is in its own secure “silo” with a unique environment where donors may shop and support their subscribed non-profit. HABITbrands.com has the capability to set up each non-profit’s landing page with logos, messaging and specific product offerings.

Landing Pages

Two landing pages with different charities

The Results

Implementing the Singularity CMS, HABIT has seen their complex concept come to fruition. Having HABIT’s entire portfolio of products housed in a single admin “warehouse” and then selected as needed for each campaign permits HABIT to rapidly implement programs. HABIT has been able to run simultaneous campaigns that have enabled HABIT to stay true to their mission to “do the hard work so the non-profit can do the good work”.


Singularity solves business commerce challenges by combing a proven, comprehensive commerce management system with the visual design talent of a top digital agency providing a complete commerce solution from a single source. We make it our mission to understand your business and business needs. This knowledge, combined with a clear understanding of your goals, enables us to help you succeed. Partnering with Singularity means you get a total business solution that is on time and on budget.

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