What to Look for in an Order Management System

With the emergence of Application Programming Interface (API) and the acceptance of Cloud Computing and the migration of the website transaction experience in B2B similar to B2C, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are in the position to have a wider choice when it comes to their eCommerce solution than ever before. As great as this seems, it can present a daunting assignment for the person tasked with sifting through the available eCommerce options for the right Order Management System (OMS) to meet their company’s needs. What should you be looking for:
  • A provider that understands the your market and provides a high value/low cost solution
  • A firm that has a successful track record and is focused on B2B not simply adapting their B2C solution for the “new hot market”.
  • A seasoned team that can lead the way and not have you “learn on the job” while developing your website.
  • A cloud based solution that will scale with you as your business grows yet, can always dress your unique business rules.
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One thought on “What to Look for in an Order Management System”

  1. Your cloud based solution should offer you the ability to display reports with images, interactive data, etc., to give you multichannel visibility across sales channels and to keep you up-to-date on cross-channel orders and inventory. Real-time dashboards and reporting eliminates dated reporting. It s important to keep in mind what is best for your particular business and future goals ahead.

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