Omnichannel Commerce – what does it mean?

Let’s start with a scenario. You decide you want to purchase new sneakers. What do you do first? You pick up your phone to browse. You might then call a store to see what they have in stock. Over half of people, including B2B buyers, start their buying journeys on mobile phones. B2B buyers expect the same streamlined buying processes that they have with personal shopping, and are more inclined to purchase from your organization when you provide the same intuitive customer experience.

So what does omnichannel commerce mean, exactly?

Omnichannel is a multichannel commerce approach that provides your customers with multiple ways to view and order your products – from mobile devices, from desktops, and from good old fashioned calls or visits to their sales reps. All orders, regardless of their origination of being placed, are compiled in a central system.

Omnichannel Commerce Infographic

The most important consideration is what your customers expect from an online shopping experience.

Readily available product information? Customer reviews? Estimated shipping costs and time frames? These are all things you take for granted when you are online shopping, and now, so are your buyers. The #1 reason for users leaving a site is not having enough information to make an educated decision. Today’s B2B buyer requires an abundance of information available to them 24/7 before talking to a sales rep.

Your sales reps will also benefit from adopting an omnichannel approach.

Improve efficiency by eliminating the need for routine account and order calls. Encourage customers to make larger orders on your eCommerce website by extending personalized product catalogs, custom pricing, unique promotions, and exclusive payment terms on a customer-by-customer basis. Having your entire catalog online also allows your internal team to make real-time updates to your inventory and promotions without ever having to consult with IT.

The takeaway?

Omnichannel buying experiences are the expectation of B2B buyers. The train is leaving the station, you can get on board or be left in the dust by your competitors.

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