Trade Show Follow-Up Checklist

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So you went to a trade show. You met people. You landed great deals. Some things could have gone better. You have some new ideas. Now what?

Here is a checklist for steps you and your team should take after attending a trade show.

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  • Enter new contacts in your CRM
  • Prioritize leads & follow up with personalized emails to new leads
    • If leads will be distributed amongst your team:
      • Host a meeting with your team to review the follow-up plan.
      • Provide a timeline and tools like email templates or scripts for reps.
      • Hold the team accountable and schedule meetings to monitor progress and keep goals top of mind.
      • Make it fun – Hold a content and provide incentives like gift cards for first deal closed, first round of follow up completed, largest sale, most sales, etc.
      • If you’re trying to drive sales for a certain product, or category, provide SPIFs for these items
  • Schedule a meeting with your team members who attended the trade show
    • Review what happened during the show.
    • Did you achieve your goals?
    • What did the competition do? What was your response when people compared you to your competition? Did it work to set you apart?
    • Any innovative ideas sparked from the show?
    • Measure your success – What worked? What didn’t?
    • Which pitches and what materials worked to capture people’s attention? What seemed to lose people’s attention?
    • Are there any updates you should make to your website or marketing strategy based on people’s feedback? Are there any:
      • Attention-grabbing headlines you can add to your site’s homepage or use for ad campaigns?
      • Landing pages or descriptions that need a bit of attention to make more exciting or clear?
      • Keywords to use for content marketing or online advertising?
      • Products you need to offer online?
    • How will you modify your plan for the next show?
  • Add leads to your mailing list
    • Divide your subscriber list into different segments to send more tailored campaigns to each group.
  • Follow up & nurture leads
    • Send out meeting requests, quotes, or proposals – whatever is appropriate for your business.
  • Run a post-trade show email campaign and make sure to include:
    • Name of the trade show in your subject line.
    • First name or company name of your leads in your email’s subject line or body for a personalized touch.
    • Photos of your booth and consistent branding and messaging that serves as a reminder for new contacts
    • Clear call-to-action (i.e. Click Here or Learn More). Here are some suggestions for content:
      • Promotions on new or exciting products that were popular at the show
      • Whitepaper download covering a topic that was widely discussed at the event
      • A post-trade show landing page or blog post you’ve created- make sure to also include a call-to-action on the landing page or your blog post linking back to your shop or contact info to increase your conversion rate
  • Analyze campaign performance
    • Monitor email opens and clicks
    • Set up automated drip campaigns to follow up with different content for parties who have and who have not shown engagement.
    • Provide a timed incentive, such as 20% off if you order by end of month, in an automated third or fourth round follow-up email for those who have clicked but not converted.
    • Follow up with personal emails and calls to your new contacts
  • With this new experience under your belt, start planning for your next trade show

If you need some help getting started, just send us a note, or call us at 720.408.2660

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