Top 5 Reasons People Leave Your Website

Today consumers have the ability (and the expectation) to buy everything from clothing, to groceries with the click of a button and conveniently receive those items within a matter of days. The internet has revolutionized the way we purchase and even think about shopping.  So what exactly does that mean for your B2B business? In short–there is a new breed of highly educated consumers who demand more information when making purchases. With that being said, is your website sending buyers to your competition?

1) Not enough information

The information provided by an old-fashioned catalog is not enough; buyers require more. What colors does it come in? What models does it come in? These are just the basic details that should be provided. Availability, shipping information and other more buyer-centric information should be readily available on your website.

2) Can’t Order on the Go

Mobile friendly; the hot topic of 2016. According to Forrester 70% of product research begins on a mobile phone. Your buyers-existing or potential-have the expectation of being able to view and buy products 24/7 from any location. If your website isn’t fully functional on desktop, tablet and mobile you can expect your customers to look elsewhere.

3) No Specific Pricing

Everyone loves a deal. The internet and especially Amazon, has made the process of ensuring the best price of any item effortless. The B2B buying process is no different, your customers want to be sure they are getting a product at the lowest price. Having the feature of 1:1 pricing provides buyers the confidence they need to make a purchase. Without this, buyers are more than likely to shop around to see if one of your competitors is offering the same product for less.

4) No reviews or recommendation

When you are in the consideration phase of making a purchase you want to know that the product is as advertised. One of the best ways to build this confidence with your buyers is to provide a reviews section, allowing previous buyers to express to whether or not the product met their expectations. Another useful tool to build customer loyalty is recommendations for other products of interest based on what they have already viewed. These tools keep buyers engaged with your website so that they will spend more time viewing your inventory and making more purchases.

5) Can’t Navigate the Website

People usually have a good idea of the items they are interested in prior to visiting your website. This makes having an easy to navigate website crucial. Buyers expect their website experience to be simplified with smart categories, product filters and a prominent search bar to view all the products you offer. If any part of this process becomes tedious, they will move on to a website that does offer these streamlined capabilities.

A customer-centric website is imperative for the success of your B2B eCommerce in 2016 and beyond.

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