Sell Big With SPS Commerce

Staying competitive in the ever-changing B2B eCommerce market is possible with the right tools. These tools can also save you time and make the process easier.

What if you could spend less time managing your data, make connections with new vendors, and get your products in more stores, more quickly? SPS Commerce can get your products in front of top vendors, without you having to do all of the legwork.

Score more (and larger) sales with SPS Commerce

Get more products in front of more B2B buyers.

No need to set up a relationship with each store to get in the door! SPS Commerce gets your products in front of thousands of vendors, including big box stores like:
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • True Value
  • Kohl’s
  • Costco
  • Grainger
… the list goes on. View complete list

“[The] intuitive format provides us an easy way to present our brand and products to inundated buyers.
It is definitely a competitive edge that distinguishes us from the dozens of other vendors competing for the same buyer’s attention.”
Billy Bauer
Marketing Director at Royce Leather

Benefits of SPS Commerce & Singularity Integration

What is your current process?

Without an integrated solution, you might be looking at a process such as that in the image below. Multiple people or teams are endlessly entering and updating data in your ERP, eCommerce platform, and each of your selling partners’ online portals. Beyond the busy work, you also lose time having to manage different formats for unique requirements per selling partner.
Life without an integrated solution:
Enter data into each & every system manually.
Pull orders from each channel down from different systems.

Save time entering product data & content.

With a Singularity & SPS Commerce solution implemented, there is no need to duplicate data in your ERP, then your eCommerce software, then each of your vendor’s web portals. Enter data once, and an automatic interchange will take care of sending it off to everyone else. With the help of SPS Commerce, become 100% compliant for partner requirements without lifting a finger.

An example:

The image below is an example of all the business facets that can be connected by the Singularity Commerce Management Platform, which acts as an engine to power all of your commerce solutions.

In this example, you will see the selling partner is SPS Commerce. Singularity is integrated with SPS Commerce and sends them your product information, which they then compile into each of their partners’ unique requirements for data formatting and submit product info. When a buyer places an order, the details are transmitted back to SPS Commerce, then the Singularity Commerce Management Platform, which compiles your orders from all of your selling channels.

Life with a seamlessly integrated solution:
Enter data once and you’re done.
All data & orders from different channels are automatically stored in 1 single console.

Having an ERP system is not necessary to use Singularity, but if you do use an ERP system, updates to orders, customers, products, pricing, and inventory can flow seamlessly back and forth with Singularity, and data can be displayed on multiple eCommerce websites (i.e. for different brands or divisions of your business).

Stay more organized by compiling multichannel orders.

Orders from multiple vendors flow seamlessly into SPS Commerce, and can be transmitted to your eCommerce platform’s management portal to be compiled with orders from other sales channels to power your buyers with a true omnichannel experience. When buyers log onto your website, they have access to all order history, regardless if they ordered via SPS Commerce, your sales team, or right on your eCommerce site.

Singularity compiles orders from multiple channels, including orders placed on your eCommerce website(s), through your sales team, at your brick and mortar stores or showrooms, or through your selling partners.

About EDI

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. People use EDI to transmit data or documents to one another using a standardized format. This allows for an end-to-end exchange of information that is seamless and automated across multiple systems.

Benefits of SPS Commerce EDI

  • Transmitting information across multiple systems is faster and easier, freeing up your team to focus on other business opportunities.
  • Spend less per transaction, and even less with a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based EDI solutions save an average of 25–75% in upfront costs, plus 50–75% in long-term expenses like software updates and hardware upgrades.
  • Save time & headaches spent correcting the consequences of typos. Since data is being transmitted electronically, less room is left for manual error since you won’t need to re-key information into each system and piece of communication.
  • Forecast more accurately. More visibility of the big picture – multiple vendors, channels, and customer types – empowers your team with better information to factor into decision-making.

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