What are the risks of choosing a less expensive B2B eCommerce platform?

Today, B2B companies are faced with a plethora of options when choosing an eCommerce platform. With so many different companies to choose from, how does one make an educated decision? Here are some of the top issues people experience when they decide to go with the cheapest option:

No Customizations

In the B2B world their are many specific requirements- customer pricing, shipping rules, promotions. Many of the less expensive eCommerce providers do not support these types of functions that are necessary to the way you do business.

No Integrations

The key to a successful implementation of a B2B ecommerce solution is that it integrates with your back end systems so that your orders are fulfilled properly whether they are made online or over the phone. Having all of orders synced into one place is imperative to improve efficiency. Many of the lower cost systems are not equipped to integrate with your current ERP systems, which means double the work for your sales reps.

Hidden Costs

Many of the systems that claim to be lower costs, do so by having hidden fees that arise when you need something above and beyond their basic platform. You need to add additional product photos? Extra cost. You need to add additional customer specific pricing? Extra cost. Although initially this may seem like the better choice, do your research and see the potential hidden costs that can be lurking around the corner.

Require Additional Support.

A lot of eCommerce platforms claim fast deployment, and this may be true. What happens after your eCommerce site is up and running? Do you have a dedicated account manager to walk you through any questions you have? How about a development team on deck? What about hosting? Does the platform provide hosting or will you require the help of an IT professional to utilize their system?

Initially, choosing a less expensive platform may seem like the best option financially. As you can see from above, the cheapest option is not always the best to achieve your eCommerce business goals. The bottom line when choosing an eCommerce system is, what are your long term goals for your business? If they are to increase ROI and grow your business, you need to find a solution that is built specifically for your business. The savings from initially choosing a less expensive platform can turn out to be detrimental to the growth of your business. Take into consideration all of the requirements your company needs in an eCommerce platform now and in the future. It is better to spend the money now, then have to start from scratch a year down the line.

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