Is Your Trade Show Strategy Built for Success?

It is never to early to start preparing for the future success of your company’s trade show marketing strategy. The ultimate goal for any wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer attending these events is to generate new prospects, gain industry insight, increase brand awareness and ultimately, sell your product! We have compiled the 6 key factors guaranteed to help you develop a winning marketing strategy and achieve your goals at any trade show this year.

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1) Build Awareness
Get people excited about your presence at the upcoming show. Prepare early with targeted email campaigns that build awareness about your company and product weeks in advance so that potential leads will recognize your brand when exploring the vendors. Think about different incentives you can offer or contests to run that will draw people to your booth. Another great way to build excitement is to create your own hashtag on social media to get the conversation going.

2) Network Early and Often
Make sure you set up appointments with hot leads prior to the show. Walking the floor and expecting to have meaningful one on one interactions with potential customers is not realistic. Everyone is busy with their own agendas during these hectic events and relying on impromptu encounters is not sufficient to make an impression. Set your company up for success by planning meetings with prospects weeks in advance to ensure you have enough time to really sell your product.

3) Captivate Potential Customers
You want people to be enticed to come to your booth just from walking by. You can achieve this appeal with exciting graphics, contests with incentives and exciting marketing swag. One of the simplest way to get people to come to your booth is putting a bowl of mints on your display. Everybody appreciates a mint after a long day of talking to hundreds of people.

4) Bring Your A Team
Make sure you compile a team that is ready to put their best foot forward. This means bringing team members that are outgoing, ready to sell your brand, engage with potential customers and get prospects into your sales funnel. The business needs of your various team members vastly differ, bringing employees from marketing, sales and customers service is the best way to make sure they are all addressed. From qualifying leads, to assisting existing customers and getting inspiration for future marketing campaigns–having a comprehensive team with you is essential for reaping the benefits.

5) Be Prepared for Anything
When it comes to planning for a trade show, it is best to keep Murphy’s law in mind. Make sure your team is equipped with booth maintenance, office and personal supplies. Create a packing list prior to the show to save time and ensure you are fully prepared, use that same list to pack up your booth and prevent anything being left behind. Make sure your employees are prepared for any conditions during the long day with comfortable shoes, hand sanitizer, snacks and sweaters for the cold expo halls!

6) Regroup and Refocus
Meet with your team quickly after the show while everything is still fresh in their minds. How did the trade show go overall? What worked well? What would you have done differently? What were the outcomes of the show, how many new accounts were signed? Was there anything you saw your competitors doing that you would want to implement in your future trade show strategy? Make sure to document all feedback and use it to plan for even more success at your next trade show.

At Singularity, we have found these best practices have helped us achieve profitable and productive outcomes from trade shows.

Do you have any tips for success? We would love to hear your feedback, comment below!