Consumer Electronics Sales Forecast + Tips

Computers & consumer electronics is already the largest product category on the web, and online sales are forecasted to top $108 billion by 2018.

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What strategy are you implementing to stay competitive as more sellers enter the market?

Expanded offerings that drive customer engagement for your buyers, coupled with making your operation more efficient, will help you sell more, more easily.

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Here are some ideas to get you started.

Expand offerings to your buyers

  • Get Online
    Allow buyers to place orders 24×7, without giving your sales team “concierge” experience.
  • Go Mobile
    Make sure buyers can order on the go with an eCommerce site that is designed specifically for mobile devices like smartphones & tablets.
  • Show 1:1 Merchandising
    Display unique products, pricing & promotions based on customer type, on a customer-by-customer basis, or depending on browsing history to provide a more relevant selection for each of you buyers.
  • Improve Site Search
    Enable buyers to find what they’re looking for quickly & easily with filtered search & guided navigation.
  • Display Robust Product Information
    Show comprehensive product information including product name, description, MSRP, measurements, specs, images, videos, product reviews, and real-time inventory for each of your warehouse locations. The more information you provide, the less hesitant your buyer will be to purchase the item.
  • Give Buyers Access To New Products
    Make sure to forecast and restock core items, of course, but make sure your product selection is on the cutting edge. Keep up to date on trendy products like drones, connected home, and newly-released smartphones to share with your buyers. People like to be the first one with the new toy, or at least the first one to hear about it. New & interesting products also provide great content for email marketing and special promotions to bring people to your website.
  • Provide A Seamless Omnichannel Experience
    Provide a seamless customer experience regardless of what channel you buyer orders from, be it online, in-store, or through the sales team, and provide access to all order history on your website.
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Streamline Your Operations

  • Get connected
    Implement seamless integrations to connect your technologies for ERP, eCommerce, selling partners & more.
  • Automate Your Workflows
    Save precious time by using workflow triggers to automatically usher quotes, orders, & purchase orders through their lifecycles, send notifications to customers, & send important alerts, such as low stock notifications, to your internal team.
  • Say Goodbye To Duplicate Data Entry
    Rid yourself of having to duplicate your product content, customer data, & order history by implementing software to do the job.
  • Make It Easier To Run Your Business
    Instead of logging into multiple systems, employ software that enables you to use one single console to manage multiple facets of your operation such as multichannel B2B & B2C order management, RFQs, replenishment, customer accounts, product data, pricing, inventory, promotions, & website content.

CE Sales Forecast [Infographic]

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