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end-to-end services for multiple commerce channels
Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, Singularity is the single source for commerce strategy, technology & execution.

Singularity solves the challenges of managing content, products, inventory, pricing, customers, sales teams & multichannel orders with proven, comprehensive solutions for your unique business.

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Ability to update product information with the click of a button
Customer specific pricing and promotions
Take orders 24/7 from any desktop, tablet or mobile device
Seamless integrations with your backend systems
Single portal to manage all account information
Provide real-time data on product inventory across multiple warehouse locations

The Singularity Commerce Management Platform

The Singularity Commerce Management Platform provides a complete cloud-based solution for multichannel commerce with a flexible management console, mobile-friendly eCommerce websites, & seamless integrations.
In addition to the platform, Singularity provides complete business management solutions with concierge development and account services, helping you develop your strategy and technology so you can take your organization to the next level.

Management Console

Empower your organization with a feature-rich commerce platform.
88% of missed opportunities were caused because sales couldn’t find or leverage internal resources.
[Source: Qvidian]

Enable your team to take control and drive more sales.

Take the burden off of your team & lower your operational costs through seamless integrations with backend systems & third-party applications.

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • PIM – Product Information Management Suppliers
  • BI – Business Intelligence Software
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Selling partners – Distributors, Manufacturers, Affiliates & other third-parties
Nationwide Marketing Group is integrated with 8 distributors, each with a unique system, as well as a product data normalization service and membership database to provide their members with exclusive access to the eXchange Marketplace using the Singularity Commerce Management Platform.

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Order Management
Multichannel orders from web, mobile, sales teams & selling partners are compiled in 1 single location.

  • Edit orders, adjust prices, view tracking information, & capture payments.
  • Quickly compile custom estimates or RFQs for customers in the management console & convert them into orders with the click of a button.
  • Easily place purchase orders to have goods shipped to you, or to have them dropshipped directly to your customers from suppliers or off-site warehouses.
  • Singularity does not charge any per-transaction fees
Product Content Management
Easily add or update products with rich content, customer-specific & volume-discount pricing, relational data, images, videos, & more.

  • Make product information management easier with data integration or by utilizing import functionality to add or update products in bulk
  • Easy to use merchandising tools
  • Provide real-time data on product inventory across multiple warehouse locations
  • Highly customizable pricing models
  • Instantly edit quantities & see what is backordered
  • Track multiple product identifiers & numbers
  • Relational data – Product variants, cross-sell, up-sell, bundling, & more.
  • Product-specific promotions & SPIFs
“The Singularity Commerce Management Platform acts as a virtual sales rep, enabling us to deliver an unprecedented level of service and accessibility to our customers.”
[Jason Lichtenberg, S. Lichtenberg & Co.]
Sales Team Tools
Empower your Sales Team with quoting and ordering tools to help drive sales.

  • Customers are associated with their sales reps so you don’t lose visibility amongst multiple ordering channels
  • Customer order notifications can be triggered to Sales Reps or Teams so they can continue to provide excellent service.
  • Sales Rep Reporting
  • Sales Team Dashboard
Real-Time Reporting
A wide range of reporting that is available in the management console & customer site metrics that are available in Google Analytics sets your team up to measure growth and make educated decisions.

  • Executive & Sales Team Dashboards for high-level metrics overviews
  • Sales by Product, Customer, Sales Team, & Data Quality Reports
  • Complete Google Analytics implementation including tagging, internal search reporting, & customer account tracking
Customer Account Management
Configure customer-specific contract pricing, product catalogs, & promotions.

  • Manage content, B2C shopping, & B2B purchasing sites on 1 single platform
  • Provide customer-by-customer access to products, brands, or distributors that require authorization
  • Grant access for certain customers to pay later or pick up in store
  • Track custom properties unique to your business needs
  • B2C & B2B eCommerce Websites

    Engage your customers with a superior multichannel buying experience.
    86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. But only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations.
    [Source: CEI Survey]

    Create a shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

    24×7 Purchasing Power
    Allow customers to order 24×7 without losing the sales team “concierge” experience.

    • Google Analytics implementation includes customer account tracking for logins
    • Customer Order notifications can be triggered to Sales Reps or Teams
    5 TIPS
    For attracting & retaining loyal customers:
    Customer Personalization
    Create a 1-to-1 buying experience with customer-specific contract pricing, product catalogs, & promotions.

    • Give customers access to exclusive or personalized product catalogs – works great for managing B2C & B2B selling on 1 single platform
    • Display customer-specific contract pricing based on login, or hide pricing if needed
    • Provide customer-by-customer access to products, brands, or distributors that require authorization
    Easy to Navigate
    Help customers find the information they’re looking for.

    • Guided navigation & faceted search enable customers to find products quickly & easily
    • Show real-time data on product inventory across multiple warehouse locations
    • Display rich product content, a myriad of specifications, images & videos
    Retain customers & attract new buyers by providing them with helpful site features and purchasing tools.

    • Display Product Reviews & let customers give feedback
    • Chat with customers on your website real-time to answer their questions quickly
    • Capture new customers with email acquisition features
    • Allow customers to re-order products easily based on order history
    • Simple Checkout with easy payment gateway integration
    • Relational data – Product variants, cross-sell, up-sell, bundling, & more
    • Rich Data compilation partners – Give your customers the information they want to purchase what they need
    • Social sharing
    Mobile Shopping
    Mobile eCommerce sites with device recognition deliver the most optimized version for phones & tablets.

    • Display templates that are optimized for mobile devices using adaptive technology
    • Sales teams can utilize the mobile site for orders on-the-go, or on the showroom floor
    • Sites that are mobile-friendly rank higher in Google’s mobile search results
    Help customers find your store with meta data that is automatically pulled from titles & descriptions for search engine optimization.

    • Built-in SEO features configure meta data so you don’t have to
    • Flexible SEO overrides for product, category, & content pages
    • SEO-friendly URLs

    Concierge Services & Key Benefits

    Sell more, more easily by working with a team that takes care of the technology while you take care of business.
    “Singularity’s flexibility to adapt and find creative solutions for my unique operations has been essential for my business. Our partnership makes me feel like I’m getting a tailor-made solution while still being cost-efficient and having the benefits of a scalable platform.”
    [Sean Hutchens, AirSupply Tools]

    Take the burden off your operations, management, IT, & sales teams.
    Singularity can help.

    Concierge Services
      Development Team
    The Singularity Development Team is on deck to take care of maintenance & updates for your management console, websites & integrations. We take care of every aspect of running, managing, & troubleshooting your Singularity solution. This includes hosting, security, PCI compliance, updates, bug fixes, & monitoring, not to mention any customizations you need. With Singularity, you can focus on running your business. We’ll take care of the tech.
      Dedicated Account Manager
    Singularity treats you like part of the team. Your dedicated Singularity Account Manager, equipped with knowledge of industry and eCommerce trends, will work with you to understand your unique business rules, lead you through the implementation process, provide 1-on-1 training, and answer any questions you have about features or special projects before and after launch. At Singularity, we view our clients as partners, and will work with you to come up with creative solutions for your unique business needs.
    Key Benefits

    Singularity’s SaaS, or software as a service, resides in the cloud. This approach means the Singularity Commerce Management Platform is accessible from anywhere you have internet, keeps the application scalable, & sets a foundation for ultimate flexibility for your unique business rules and requests.


    Singularity will make sure your application and sites are secure with encrypted data transfer, take care of renewing your SSL certificates, and stay up to date with PCI (payment card industry) compliancy standards.


    The Singularity Commerce Management Platform and Management Console are hosted in the cloud. With Singularity you can focus on running your business. We’ll take care of the tech.


    A scalable platform with comprehensive functionality with new features being rolled out monthly, the Singularity Commerce Management Platform is built to grow with your company.


    Your business is unique. At Singularity, we understand the complex challenges that face your organization. We have designed our platform to be intuitive & address your specific business needs.

    Frequent Platform Upgrades

    Singularity views our clients as partners, & we want to ensure that we are positioned to stay ahead of their needs. Regular platform upgrades enable us to do just that.

    Singularity Benefits Your Entire Organization
    The Executive Dashboard gives a high-level overview of customers and orders for the week, month, and year, as well as visibility into inventory and sales reports.
      Sales Reps
    The Sales Team can create proposals/ RFQs as well as sell on-the-go with the mobile-friendly eCatalog.
      IT Department
    Let Singularity set up & maintain cloud-based software, seamless integrations, and your eCommerce site.
    24×7 orders from any device can be placed on eCommerce sites powered with engaging features.
      Content Managers
    The user-friendly management console features make adding personalized content and pricing painless.
    The management console solves the challenges of managing content, products, inventory, pricing, customers, sales teams & omnichannel orders with 1 single platform.
    Built-in purchase ordering tools make it easy to submit orders to your suppliers, and easy for your suppliers to send inventory to you for replenishment, or dropship goods directly to your customers.
      Third-Party Sellers
    Seamless integrations with third-party sites or systems make multichannel order management a breeze for you and your partners.
      Analysts & Forecasters
    The deck of out-of-the-box reports shed light on top performers, as well as opportunities.
    Singularity can help you develop a successful omnichannel commerce strategy.
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