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The customer response to our B2B eCommerce site designed by the Singularity team has been overwhelmingly positive.
The Singularity Commerce Management Platform acts as a virtual sales rep, enabling us to deliver an unprecedented level of service and accessibility to our customers. These two features have substantially expanded our sales opportunities within this segment of our customer base.
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Omnichannel & Wholesale eCommerce Solutions for Home Goods

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer in the home goods industry, Singularity is the single source for omnichannel commerce strategy, technology & execution.

Singularity solves the challenges of managing content, products, inventory, pricing, customers, sales teams & multichannel orders with proven, comprehensive solutions for your unique business.

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Mobile-Optimized eCommerce Websites

Do a service for your buyers & sales teams alike. Customers can place orders on their mobile devices & your internal team can utilize the mobile eCommerce site as a selling tool on-the-go, in the shop, or at events.

Personalized Retail & Wholesale Catalogs

Give customers access to exclusive or personalized product catalogs – great for managing B2C & B2B selling on 1 single eCommerce site, or unique catalogs for different users without needing to duplicate data.

Wholesale Login

Provide exclusive access to wholesale products or packages and pricing on the same site as your regular eCommerce business. Authorized users can log in to view the B2B eCommerce catalog and see their unique contract pricing.

Flexible User-Based Pricing Display

Display unique pricing for retail & wholesale customers, or customer-specific contract pricing based on login. You can also hide pricing on the site if needed, or only show pricing when a user is logged in.

Matrix Order

Allow customers to submit quick, bulk orders. The quick & easy-to-use matrix order form simplifies the ordering of multiple products in many size & color variations.

Volume Discount Pricing

Offer quantity discounts to your customers that order in bulk. From one product page, allow your customers to order one single unit at full price, or 20+ units, a box of units, or a pallet of units at a lower per-unit price. The ranges and unit of measurements are completely customizable.

Real-Time Inventory Display

Show real-time product inventory levels across multiple warehouse locations. You also have the option to allow your customers to filter by stock and backorder products that are out of stock, but will be replenished.

Product Ratings & Reviews

Encourage customers to leave product ratings & reviews. This doesn’t only give you great website content, it gives you an opportunity to address feedback. Did you know? 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews.

Relational Merchandising

On top of rich product content, specifications, images & videos, display product variants, related items based on browsing history, upsell products in-cart to increase average order value, & cross-merchandise products for promotions & specialized categories.

Customer-Specific Promotions & Payment Terms

Extend targeted promotions to individual customers or customer groups & also allow certain customers to use special payment terms & shipping options. at checkout.

Guided Navigation & Filtered Search

Auto-suggest search terms when a customer begins to type. Display easy to use filters so customers can apply select multiple attributes & refine the product catalog. Help customers find the information they’re looking for quickly by guiding them with tiered categories.

Non-Transactional Websites

Want a browse-only catalog? Not a problem. Singularity supports non-transactional sites with or without pricing display. Alternately, you can restrict ordering to logged in customers.

The Singularity Commerce Management Platform

The Singularity Commerce Management Platform provides a complete cloud-based solution for multichannel commerce with a flexible management console, mobile-friendly eCommerce websites, & seamless integrations.

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How will Singularity help me increase my revenue?

  • Enable your customers to browse your catalog 24×7
  • Reach a broader range of customers
  • Increase customer retention and acquisition
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Reduce cost of sales

After going live with Singularity, one housewares seller experienced a 28% increase in conversion rate!
Manage Multiple Sites in one Place.
Singularity will give you the ability to manage your website or sites, products, orders, & customers all from one management console, no technical expertise required.

Automate the Entire Buying Process.
No more manual entry, typos, or complex order processes. Singularity will help you cut down on operational costs & eliminate workplace inefficiencies.

Provide a Great Solution at a Fraction of the Cost.
Singularity can integrate with various ERP, CRM, & Accounting systems, & comes equipped to support your business from start to finish. Not only is the Singularity Commerce Management Platform scalable, but it’s built to accommodate a wide range of unique business rules.
Singularity can help you develop a successful omnichannel commerce strategy for your home goods business. Interested in learning more, or want a quote?
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