Are You Ready to Compete against Amazon?

Whether you are a B2B distributor, wholesaler or supplier, you should be prepared to compete against Amazon. But how, you ask? It’s really quite simple–provide a phenomenal user experience. One of the reasons Amazon has been so wildly successful is pioneering the way that consumers purchase by offering a user interface that promotes speed, visibility and detailed product information. The modern B2B buyer lives in world where they not only expect, but demand the intuitive experience that the B2C industry is providing.

So how did Amazon create the ultimate buying experience? They created a website that addressed the 4 major pain points that ultimately cause buyers to leave:

1) Poor Mobile Experience
Let’s face it, we live in a world where people are constantly on their phones- B2B customers are no different. Smartphone usage is approaching 50% of all web traffic, mobile responsiveness if no longer a luxury–it’s a necessity. Having a mobile website is no longer sufficient, people want the same robust online experience on their tablet or smartphone as the expect from your desktop version.

2) Difficult to Navigate Website
One of the most crucial factors of favorable user-experience is an intuitive website that makes it easy for the buyer to navigate to their desired products. Amazon does this particularly well with a prominent search bar at the top of every page. The search bar combined with the advanced filtering system enables buyers to quickly find the product they need without putting forth the effort.

3) Not Enough Information
One of the biggest revolutions Amazon made to eCommerce was the transparency in  their product details. They provide product specifications, reviews and allow users to compare prices without ever having to leave the website. Buyers are now accustomed to multiple product view, videos and testimonials from people who have purchased the product. If they cannot find this level of detail on your website, you run the risk of driving them into the arms of your competitors.

4) Issues with Shipping and Delivery
Although most companies are not in the position to offer 2-day delivery, their estimated delivery times and order tracking is something that should be adopted by all businesses. People have come to expect immediacy and while that may not always be realistic, customer satisfaction is always the ultimate goal. Providing real-time order tracking helps to eliminate many of these issues by maintaining consistent communication.

In Conclusion
So now that you know how Amazon has become the gold standard for the B2C shopping experience, how do you adopt these fundamentals to create a B2B eCommerce website where your customers want to shop? As we mentioned above, user experience is the top priority. You can achieve this by offering a website with intuitive search, robust product catalogs and inventory information that encourage your customers to BUY. Make the experience PERSONAL with customer specific pricing, promotions and product decorations. Lastly, and this is imperative, provide a MOBILE responsive platform that provides your customers the same robust shopping experience 24/7 from any device.

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