How Target Increased eCommerce Sales by 34%

Target is all over the news for their impressive comeback in Q4 of 2015, boasting a staggering 34% growth in digital sales. Not only was this a breath of fresh air for investors, these figures are solidifying their company as a serious contender in the big-box eCommerce world. How did Target go from $2.6 billion loss in Q4 of 2014 to a $1.4 billion profit in the same period for 2015? Simple, they adapted their commerce to the modern landscape by providing a superior online buying experience that drove sales and increased customer loyalty. Although your company may not be as big as Target, you can still use their strategy to drive sales and grow your business. What are the key aspects you need to be successful in eCommerce? 
  • MobileLet’s face it, we live in a world where people are constantly on their mobile devices. What does this mean for your business? It is imperative that your eCommerce site utilizes adaptive technology allowing the best user experience on any computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Omni-ChannelLet your customer decide how they buy their products- whether it be by phone, in person, or on your website.
  • AutomationCreate a sense of urgency for your customers. Enable customer-specific pricing, flash sales, and recommendations based on their order history. These features may seem small, but together they add up to loyal customers.
  • ContentThe number one reason a user is likely to leave a website is due to poor product search capabilities, followed by a lack of detailed product  information. How do you combat this? Provide potential buyers everything they could possibly want so they have no need to leave your site. Provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and make searching for products on your site seamless with a prominent search bar that is visible on all pages on your website.
  • Better ShippingFree shipping is the way of the future and a great way to get and keep loyal customers. Another aspect of this is providing transparency with customers by offering real-time reporting on the statuses of their orders. On time orders= happy customers and happy customers are loyal, which increases your business.
 KEY TAKEAWAYS:Mobile is steadily taking over the eCommerce world. If you are not utilizing a digital platform for your business, you will soon be left in the dust by your competitors.Is your eCommerce website equipped for the mobile buyer? If not, see what S1 can do to transform your business and increase sales.